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Royal Hibernian Academy
192nd RHA Annual Exhibition

The 192nd RHA Annual Exhibition 2022 is Ireland’s largest and longest running exhibition of visual art. Open to all artists working in paint, drawing, print, sculpture, photography and architecture, the RHA Annual attracts a large public and critical audience. With sales in excess of €600,000 in 2021, the Annual is a key event of the art calendar for both public and private buyers of all levels.

The open submission is vital to the strength and vitality of the RHA Annual. Works selected through the open submission process make up around 60% of the exhibition with the rest of the artworks from RHA Members and Invited Artists.

This year over €70,000 of prizes will be awarded to exhibiting artists. This prize fund, one of the largest in Ireland, is awarded to artists recognised for works of achievement.

Please read all terms and conditions prior to entering.

Entry Deadline: 27 February 2022 11:59pm

Final Selection Completed
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Key Dates

Open For Entry: 13 December 2021
Entry Deadline: 27 February 2022, 11:59pm

Selection Notification (stage 1 ): 18 March 2022

Artwork Delivery (stage 2): 1 - 2 April 2022, by appointment

Selection Notification (stage 2): 7 April 2022

Collection unselected work: 22 - 23 April 2022

Exhibition Open To Public: 23 May - 12 August 2022
Collection of unsold work: Sunday 14 August, 11am to 4:30pm. From collection after this date please make an appointment for collection with All collections of unsold work must be made before 2 October 2022.


Entry Pricing

Standard Prices.
Maximum Artwork Entries: 3
First or Single Entry Price: €20.00
Additional Entries: €20.00 per artwork up to 3 artworks.

Exhibition Entry Information

General Information
The exhibition will be held at the Royal Hibernian Academy, 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2 from 23 May to 13 August 2022 (all dates subject to change).

Submissions of work are invited from visual artists working in paint, photography, sculpture, architecture, print, drawing and mixed media. Works outside these categories are not accepted.

Submission Procedure
Submission is by online entry only.  Entries are selected from the digital application (stage1) with successful artists asked to deliver work to RHA for further consideration and possible inclusion in the exhibition (stage 2).  Artists are asked to check their accounts for decisions on the dates listed.

All work selected for exhibition will be expected to be for sale with the exception of portraits.  A commission of 35% is charged by the gallery. It will be assumed that the sale price includes all your costs and our commission. Please allow for these points when pricing your work. Prices should include VAT if applicable.  

All communication will be via the online login process. Applicants will be required to login to see if they have been preselected and will be asked to download and print their application labels and details to be delivered with the artwork. Failure to do so could result in work being withdrawn from the exhibition. 

The selection committee is made up of six members of the Council of the RHA.  Artworks are presented anonymously and judged solely on merit. The decision is final and binding and no correspondence or feedback will be entered into under any circumstance. 

Artists are responsible for insuring their own work. All works accepted for exhibition will be transported entirely at the artists' risk and organisers and the gallery will not accept liability for loss or damage occurring travel to the exhibition or during the selection process.

Delivery and Collection

All works handed in for selection must be:

  • Unwrapped
  • Professionally presented (needing no further work, additions or framing prior to exhibition)
  • Labelled correctly
  • Not of undue size (work over 150 x 150cm are only considered in exceptional circumstances)

Works that are of a delicate or fragile nature can be delivered wrapped but must be clearly marked with additional labels on the packaging.  The organisers may ask that work is unwrapped should it not be necessary.

Each artwork must have both a tie on and stick on label.  Please ensure that the label information matches the information at the time to entry.  It is important that all details are included on the form, as incomplete details will deem the entry inadmissible.  All works will be checked on entry so please make sure your information is correct.

We accept work from outside the EU.  However, you must ensure that your work reaches us on the designated days and is customs compliant.  The RHA will not pay customs charges, duty or any associated charges on works arriving by courier. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that the work is correctly packaged, as the RHA will not accept responsibility for work damaged in transit or by any third parties. 

Unselected works from stage 2  must be collected on the designated days.  If an artist is unable to collect on these days, we ask that you ask someone to collect on your behalf or make an appointment to collect at a later date.  Works not collected by the end of August 2022 will be liable for a storage charge. Works not collected by end of September 2022 will be disposed of. 


7.1 It would be advantageous for the work not to have been exhibited in Dublin before.

7.2 The RHA reserves the right to reject work that it believes is in breach of copyright laws.

7.3 Work must be professionally presented for exhibition.  All artworks must be presented with complete mechanisms for hanging.  Exposed wet canvases or works that could cause damage to others will not be accepted under any circumstances. Work that arrives damaged or unfit for exhibition due to any material defect will be automatically deemed ineligible for exhibition.

7.4 All works must be marked for sale with the exception of portraits.

7.5 Artist sending works from outside the EU are responsible for payment of any associated duties or taxes.  The RHA will not be responsible for resolving any customs issues that may occur.

7.6 The upmost care will be taken of all works submitted for exhibition.  The RHA will not be responsible for any damage, loss of or destruction of any works for any reason whatsoever.  Artists should insure their works against all risks. Works are insured when accepted to the exhibition and condition checked by the gallery.

7.7 In order to meet deadlines, incomplete applications will not be accepted.  The RHA will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the catalogue.  The RHA will not be liable for any loss arising out of any error, omission or decision made by the committee.

7.8 Work not collected from the RHA on the designated days will be liable to a storage charge or disposed of.

7.9 The artist allows the RHA to use images of any artwork for publicity and public engagement purposes only.  This includes television, print (catalogue, newspapers, trade publications), website (RHA and others), social media (RHA and others) and any other method that the RHA deems fit for purpose.

7.10 No work may be removed from the exhibition until after the close of the exhibition.

7.11 Sold work is marked with a red dot.  A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of 20% is required to secure a sale.  The RHA will not be liable for any loss arising out of the failure by a purchaser to complete a sale or the mis-marking of any piece sold. 35% commission from the listed catalogue price will be deducted from all works sold during the exhibition.  Artists will be paid after the close of the exhibition and only if the RHA has been fully paid by the buyer.

7.12 The RHA will not undertake the wrapping, crating and packing of any artworks.

7.13 For awards with age constraints, the artist must be below or the relevant age on the date of submission in order to qualify, in this case 28 February 2022.

By submitting to the exhibition you are deemed to accept and agree to the following:
The decision of the Selectors on all matters Is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
I understand that The Organisers reserves the right to make such changes to the exhibition arrangements and these Terms & Conditions as may be deemed necessary by circumstances.
I authorise The Organisers To process, store, and utilise the data in my submission and agree that, if selected for exhibition, images of my work can be freely used by The Organisers, The Gallery and associated organisations for promotional and publicity purposes.
All information provided by me is true and accurate and that the work submitted is wholly of my own creation.
I have read and understood these terms and conditions and by submitting this application I accept and agree to observe all the Terms And Conditions therein.


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